News from the New Haven Bioregional Group

by Lynne Bonnet, NH Bioregional Group

Join us for “Oysters: Natural Resources of the Quinnipiac River and Morris Creek.” The program will be Saturday, March 4, 2 p.m. at the Q River Grill (event room), 2 Clifton St., New Haven, presented by The New Haven Bioregional Group, co-sponsored by Gather New Haven and Copps Island Oysters, LLC with support from the Greater New Haven Green Fund.

Zofia Baumann, Ph.D., from UCONN Avery Point, received funding from the Quinnipiac River Fund to study oysters in the Quinnipiac River and Morris Creek from spring through fall 2022. The study was in collaboration with Dr. Mary Beth Decker from Yale University and Mr. Richard Harris of Copps Island Oysters, LLC, and was supported by citizen scientists from the New Haven Bioregional Group, 10,000 Hawks, Sound School, and other volunteers. She will present the major findings and attempt to answer the following questions:

How long do oysters live, and when do they reproduce?
How many oysters are there and where are they?
What can we do to increase oysters in the Quinnipiac River and New Haven Harbor?
How can we assist oyster restoration?
Are you interested in citizen science projects?

Following the Q & A there will be a walk from the restaurant to the oyster reef; low tide is around 3:30. If you plan to walk, be sure to wear suitable boots for a muddy/shell-covered river bank!
This event is free and open to the public.

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