The Solution is Socialism: A One Day Conference Oct. 22, CCSU New Britain

by CCSU Youth for Socialist Action

socialism“The Solution is Socialism” conference will be held at 105 Ella Grasso Blvd. in New Britain (Central CT State University campus) on Oct. 22 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Lunch will be served and the location is handicapped accessible. Please help us plan lunch and RSVP!

Call (203) 400-3246 or visit

It has never been clearer. Capitalism is the problem. It is a system built on inequality and exploitation, poverty for the vast majority of the world’s people, racism, sexism, homo-phobia, and the destruction of the planet’s life-sustaining natural systems. But what is the solution? Come to an educational conference organized around the conviction that we can build a socialist future managed and enriched by working class democracy, creativity and solidarity.


  • Alix Shabazz: Freedom Inc., Movement for Black Lives Today
  • David Kiely: Youth for Socialist Action, Capitalist Crisis & Revolutionary Socialist Strategy Today
  • Hannah A. Holleman: Amherst College, Method in Ecological Marxism
  • Charles Post: Borough of Manhattan Community College, Origins of US Capitalism
  • Alan Sears: Ryerson University, Toronto, Marxism and LGBTQI Liberation
  • Wendy Z. Goldman: Carnegie Mellon University, Women, the State, and Revolution
  • Edmond Caldwell: Independent Scholar, The Revolutionary Culture of the Paris Commune
  • Johnny E. Williams: Trinity College, The Carceral State as a Social Control and Profit-Making Agent

    International Guests:

  • Juan Cruz Ferre: Partido de los Trabajadores de Socialistas, The Left and Workers Front (FIT) Electoral Strategy and Victory in Argentina
  • Student Representative: Movimiento Independista Nacional Hostosiano, The Fight Against Austerity in Puerto Rico

    Special Appearance:

  • Jeff Mackler: Socialist Action candidate for President

The conference is free. Donations are appreciated.

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