“People and Nature before Profits” — People’s World Amistad Awards Dec. 7

by Joelle Fishman, CT People’s World

This year’s Amistad Awards will be presented by the People’s World on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 4 p.m. at a “People & Nature Before Profits” anniversary rally in New Haven at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, 177 College St. (entrance corner of College and Crown).

Rising inequalities, climate change and war are giving rise to new organizing by youth, low-wage workers and the 99% for a society that values the needs of people and nature before corporate profits.

The event will celebrate the contributions of Meg Riccio, Alberto Bernandez and Daniel Durant, three leaders and role models who challenge economic and racial inequality and who are in the forefront to get out the vote for jobs, health care, union rights, immigrant rights and the needs of youth.

Meg Riccio is chief steward of Local 35 Unite Here, representing the service and maintenance workers in solidarity with Local 34 and GESO at Yale and with New Haven Rising.

Alberto Bernandez fulfills his lifetime commitment to improve the lives of all as a leader of SEIU 32 BJ in Fair-field County and Hudson Valley, organizing to raise up the lives of immigrant workers, janitors and low wage workers.

Daniel Durant is a grass roots community organizer with AFT Connecticut, empowering students, parents, teachers and health care workers from the picket lines at L&M to the Clark School victory with Hartford Rising.

The annual awards are presented to allies by the People’s World on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party USA. John Bachtell, elected national chair of the CPUSA this June, will be a special guest, as well as many of the former awardees serving as the host committee.
Ticket and adbook information is available at: ctpeoplebeforeprofits.blogspot.com/ or call (203) 624-8664.

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