In Memoriam: Irm Wessel

by PAR Planning Committee

It is with great sadness that we notify our readers that on Sept. 20, New Haven resident, activist and clinical social worker Irm Wessel passed on. Our condolences to her husband Dr. Morris Wessel and her family. She influenced many people, professionally and personally, and will be greatly missed. The following are excerpts from the New Haven Independent website index.php/obituaries/entry/irmgard_rozensweig_wessel_881.

Irmgard Rosenzweig Wessel, a clinical social worker and long-time New Haven resident, died Saturday at home. She was 88 years old, and had lung cancer. Read more

News from People’s Action for Clean Energy

by Judi Friedman, PACE

Fukushima is still pouring out radiation. Here is some wise advice from Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear: In case of a nuclear accident, keep IOSAT tablets in your medicine cabinet. (They have a long shelf life.) In case you want to know about nuclear safety in the United States, here are excerpts from a wonderful report!
Nuclear Shutdown News, July 2014, by Michael News, Black Rain Press
US nuclear plants were designed to last 40 years. As a growing number of these nukes are approaching or have surpassed 40 years of operation, they are becoming more prone to have things go wrong that cause them to experience unplanned shutdowns and put us increasingly at risk. Read more

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