New Haven Montessori School invites public to join in humanistic action 1 p.m. May 26

At 1 p.m.m Thursday, May 26, 2022, the 4th-7th grade students of Elm City Montessori School (a PreK3-7th grade public school in New Haven, anchored in our Anti-Bias Anti-Racist Montessori philosophy) will again be planning and leading an action at the corner of Whalley and West Rock Ave (Closest Address: 838 Whalley Ave, New Haven). We’ve invited neighborhood schools and the general public to join us, details here:, flyer attached. There will be parallel actions in PreK-3rd grade classrooms earlier in the day. Here’s some press coverage from last year: Arts Paper: Children’s March Taps Into Civil Rights History, and from the New Haven Independent NHI: 1963 Children’s March Commemorated.

Our students have been working to focus on projects of passion, to study themes of social justice that personally resonate (ex. LGBTQ advocacy, climate change, police brutality, affordable housing). Some classrooms are specifically studying the history of the Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963. Students will create posters, others may write speeches, all will march together in solidarity with each other and their visions for the future.

Children from several New Haven schools will gather and share their vision for our community, our city, our world. Join us to listen, spotlight, and elevate what our children see.

Co-sponsored by Edgewood Creative Thinking through STEAM Magnet School, L.W. Beecher Museum Magnet School of Arts and Sciences, High School in the Community, Common Ground High School, Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School, Black Lives Matter New Haven, New Haven Pride Center, Citywide Youth Coalition, City of New Haven LGBTQ Youth Task Force, New Haven Climate Movement, Westville Village Renaissance Alliance, Semilla Collective, and Students for Educational Justice.