What is Yale For?

Ian Skoggard, New Haven Rising

On Oct. 2, Yale University is publicly launching a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $6 billion. An email to alumni announcing the campaign asks, “What are you for?” and says, “Together we can have a positive impact on the world!” The Yale Fair Share Coalition is asking the question, “What is Yale for?”

While Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital received a $157 million tax break from our city this past year, Yale University, one year past its deadline, still has not honored its hiring commitment to our city’s low-income neighborhoods.

At 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, the New Haven community will gather at Grove and Prospect streets to call on Yale to do more and increase its voluntary payment to the city and honor its commitments. Please join us! It is time for Yale to understand that its mission to improve the world must begin in its own backyard!

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One comment

  • Saturday is a wasted demo as nobody is there to notice it. Yale has never honored a commitment to the city yet. The mayor and BOA have done nothing to force a sheckel out of Yale and now hypogreedy Yale is begging for more dough from old senile Yale motherfuckers. WHY? who knows? Already 100 kids on campus have covid and YNHH has just fired 100 anti-vaxxers. Yale has more cash and holdings than God but they just shutdown the Singapore campus. Maybe they want one in Dubai……………..

    The city will fritter the fed. money away and blacks and the homeless will be left in the shit AGAIN. Today I call Mike Piscatelli a motherfucker in front of the G Cafe crowd. He is getting richer while the rest of us languish in poverty thanks to a gutless mayor.