Paul Hammer memorial celebration postponed; new Spring date TBD

We are sorry to announce that Paul Hammer’s memorial celebration at the Unitarian Society of New Haven (USNH) has been postponed due to Covid restrictions. Currently, people attending indoor events in Hamden are required to wear a mask. In addition, under USNH protocols, attendees at a service may not sing, and consumption of food or beverages is not allowed in the building. These do not seem to be conditions conducive to a vibrant celebration of Paul’s spirit.

A new date in April 2022 is being considered and will be announced as soon as possible.



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  • Hello,

    I am Paul’s cousin who lives in Denver, CO. I was trying to get in touch with Paul for Thanksgiving and logged on to FB today and found out he had passed away. So sad to hear about his passing!! Please let me know of any news of an April Memorial. thanks, Jan

    • Paula Panzarella

      Hi, Jan, my condolences to you. I wish I looked at the PAR website comments sooner, or maybe it was at a time of computer glitches and comments weren’t visible. The memorial was in April, and Paul’s son from California came to it. Our community is still sad about his passing. The New Haven Independent and The Arts newsletter from the Arts Council have written about Paul. Everybody knew him, he was involved in so many organizations. The memorial was videotaped and there is a slideshow available on google drive. I am trying to get the links to send to you. My best wishes, and again, my condolences.