Vote ‘Uncommitted’ to Tell the Biden Administration: End the Genocide in Gaza Now!

By Joan Cavanagh, NH Sunday Vigil for Peace and Justice

The New Haven Sunday Vigil for Peace and Justice strongly urges Democratic voters in Connecticut to choose the “uncommitted” option in the April 2nd presidential primary as a signal to the Biden administration to end US financial and military support for the war on the people of Gaza.
The definition of genocide is “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.” The clear intent of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s administration is to erase an entire population through bombing, land invasion, starvation, displacement, and destruction of their infrastructure and livelihoods. More than 30,000 people have been killed since October 2023.

This war would not be possible without U.S. money and arms. Only President Biden can end it. “Connecticut voters, including Jewish voters like me, are sending Biden a clear message in the Democratic Primary. We reject his funding and fueling of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. We are uncommitted on April 2nd to show opposition to his deadly policies,” said Sarah White of Jewish Voice for Peace Action of Connecticut (

The “uncommitted” or “no preference” strategy has already been used effectively in many other states: about 13% of voters in Michigan (100,000 people) voted this way, as did 30% of Hawaii’s voters.

On Super Tuesday, 9.3% of all Democratic voters across 15 states and one “territory” chose “no preference” on the ballot.

The Biden administration is feeling the pressure. The only way to save future lives is to apply “no preference” wherever possible.

We also strongly urge you to call the White House comment line to tell them why you have voted this way; write to your senators and representatives to inform them and to demand that they act to stop this genocide; and submit letters to the editor or op-ed pieces to discuss your reasons further. “The Republican Party is offering us fascism, and the Democratic Party is offering us genocide. We demand a different choice. That’s why we’re voting for ‘no preference.’” – Merrie Najimy, organizer, Vote No Preference

Massachusetts Coalition (

Biden’s Budget Proposal a Reminder of the Democrats’ Failure

by Party for Socialism and Liberation, March 9, 2023

Today’s [March 9] budget proposal that the Biden administration is attempting to present as a bold vision for social change is in fact, little more than a bitter reminder of the Democrats’ failure over the last two years to implement their own agenda of progressive reform. Despite having a clear popular mandate, when it was actually possible to enact the measures included in Biden’s draft budget, the Democratic Party leadership came up woefully short.

To become law, a budget must pass both houses of Congress, and there is no prospect that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will vote in favor of these proposals. Up until the midterm election, however, the Democrats were in the relatively rare position of controlling the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Their failure in these critical years to pass major reforms has reduced their current proposals to little more than rhetorical statements of principles.

Much of what is in Biden’s budget proposal would indeed bring some welcome relief to working people. The draft includes provisions to restore the enhanced child tax credit that sends monthly checks to parents, reduce drug prices, increase subsidies to cover the cost of college tuition, and establish universal pre-K. It would also fund an expansion in the number of children who receive free school meals, and mandate paid family and medical leave up to 12 weeks.

It should also be noted that there are highly reactionary, anti-worker parts of Biden’s proposal as well. The draft allocates a record $835 billion for the Pentagon, reflecting the administration’s commitment to its new Cold War policy that is bringing the world to the edge of catastrophe. The White House also brags in a press release that it “includes funding to put 100,000 additional police officers on the street.”

But the aspects of the Biden administration’s agenda that are positive – which are rooted not in genuine concern for the people but fear that capitalist rule would be destabilized in the absence of concessions – can all be vetoed by the Republican majority in the House. This is a ridiculous state of affairs considering that most of these proposals are recycled from the “Build Back Better” social program expansion that Biden spent much of his presidency up to this point pushing.

Because they were unwilling to eliminate the anti-democratic “filibuster” rule in the Senate, Biden had to stake everything on a single bill passed as part of a budget procedure that is immune to the filibuster’s 60-vote requirement. But in order to succeed, he needed to force Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the two most right-wing Democratic Senators, to go along with it. Rather than bringing to bear the pressure that can be generated by the most powerful political office on the planet, President Biden simply offered concessions and praised Manchin in public, emphasizing what great friends they had been for many years.

This, unsurprisingly, amounted to nothing, and Manchin humiliated Biden by announcing on Fox News that he was withdrawing from negotiations with the White House.

[Article can be read in its entirety at To contact the Party of Socialism and Liberation in CT, email [email protected].]

Why Does the DNC Want Trump to Win?

by Lindsay Mathews, New Haven Peace Activist

Why are the DNC elites, MSDNC and CNN again propping up another right-wing buffoon, Joe Biden, to be the Democratic nominee for President when the other candidate, Bernie Sanders, has the strongest ground game to get out the largest vote in U.S. history to take back the White House?

Take back the White House. Good news for the DNC. One would think.

And, yet, we saw the full force of the Democratic establishment and their corporate media take control just before Super Tuesday to install their puppet, Joe Biden, a dum-dum and liar who can barely string a group of words together to form a sentence.


We know from the 2016 election that the DNC does not want Bernie, but why Biden? Is he just being used as their vehicle to power?

Is it because they KNOW that Biden will lose the election when the Bernie campaign sits this one out? Or are they using him as a vehicle to maintain their power?

It’s about policy. The Democratic and Republic parties need to keep the rich, rich and to hell with the rest of us. Trump is their guy. For the next nine years we will suffer with their “Tax the Poor” tax break policy for the rich.

Why are they enabling the fascistic, ecocidal Trump to win the election? Trump knows they are doing this as he gleefully commences to chew up Biden only to spit him out for huge win for the 1% in 2020. BINGO!

As Bernie says, “Our campaign is the only campaign that has the excitement and the strongest grassroots movement needed to defeat the most dangerous President in the recent history of the United States.”

Is this why the Democratic Party wants Trump back in the White House?

March 16, 2020