A New Book of Interest: Radical Connecticut: People’s History in the Constitution State

by Andy Piascik and Steve Thornton

Radical Connecticut tells the stories of everyday people and well-known figures whose work has often been obscured, denigrated, or dismissed. …

Unlike a traditional history that focuses on the actions of politicians, generals, business moguls and other elites, this volume features workers, the poor, people of color, peacemakers, women, students, artists and others who joined the never-ending struggle for justice and freedom … a fresh look at history that can spark young people to engage in social justice work in an increasingly complex and dangerous world.

It can also be used as a guide for strategy and tactics useful to those who are engaged in today’s social struggles. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, Radical Connecticut reminds us that today—and down through the years—organizing is always worth the effort.

Purchase the book for $20 at Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, Hard Ball Press, and other internet bookstores.

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