North Haven Forum on Climate Change Convenes Forum to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

By Kenny Foscue, North Haven Clean Energy Task Force

One of our North Haven Clean Energy Task Force’s successes is that we meet quarterly with our 1st Selectman Mike Freda and collaborate on campaigns, etc. We recently decided it was time to “circle back” to town residents to make sure they are making the link between human-caused climate change and the many storms, tornadoes and floods that have plagued our town. We wanted to present “news you can use” about what you can do, with a focus on the home.

Last week, we sponsored a forum on climate change, with a focus on Connecticut, with information about what residents could do to reduce fossil fuel use. Robert Klee from the Yale School of the Environment and Yale Law School, and former DEEP Commissioner spoke; Mauro Diaz-Hernandez of the Yale Center on Climate and Health presented on environmental and public health impacts of climate change, and I presented on specific measures and programs for residents. The forum was taped by the local cable TV station and was “not filmed before a live audience” because of COVID concerns. The link is below and also on our town’s home page. We have been promoting it on Facebook and other sites. Please take a look – we think it might be a good model for other towns – a way of trying to make sure we are continuing to “bring folks along.”

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