Ongoing Events

Saturdays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

CitySeed Farmers’ Markets – CT-Grown, organic produce and information-sharing at Metropolitan Business Academy, 115 Water St. (corner or Water and Brewery Streets) through April 26. Beginning in June the farmer’s market relocates to Wooster Square until next winter. More info:

Visit for more information

Sundays, noon-1 p.m.
Resist This Endless War. Oppose U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia. Weekly vigil for peace and justice (ongoing since 1999). Broadway, Elm, and Park. (accessible)

Mondays, noon – 12:30 p.m.

Pray for Peace vigil, First and Summerfield Methodist Church, 425 College St. (accessible)

Tuesdays, 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Family Place Play Group — for 1- to 4-year-olds with a parent or caregiver. Play, sing, enjoy the company of others. Bilingual. Fair Haven Library, 182 Grand Ave. (accessible)

Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Booktivities with Barbara — a fun hour enjoying the world of arts and crafts. Fair Haven Library, 182 Grand Ave. (accessible)

2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6 p.m.
GNH Peace Council meeting – pizza. NH People’s Center, 37 Howe St. RSVP to confirm:  (203) 387-0370 or email: (accessible)

3rd Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m.
Coalition for People meeting. All invited. Lower level com-munity room, Fair Haven Library, 182 Grand Ave. Please e-mail us if you need a different meeting time and tell us when you can meet. Info: *

3rd Wednesday, 6-8 p.m.

Green Drinks – gathering of environmentally concerned people. Sign up at

Thursdays, 7-8:30 p.m.
Free meditation classes. Why wait? Get connected! NeverEnding Bookstore, 810 State St. (between Eld and Pearl streets).

Fridays, noon to 1 p.m.

Weekly peace vigil sponsored by Greater New Haven Peace Council in front of New Haven City Hall, 165 Church St. For theme, call Jim (203) 933-4043 


  • Sheila Allen Bell

    Who is the Co-ordinator for African American Women’s Summit? I am trying to send an invitation to you to The 50th anniversary of Christian Community Action Agency.
    Please provide me with a name and address

    Thank you

  • Making this country better

    We really need Public Political Debating Centers in America

    The P.P.D.C. – Public Political Debating Center’s – will be a nationwide organization to help people be more intelligent and wise about how their fellow Americans see political topics – how people really see topics in opposition to the way many people look at topics can be very important.

    The – Public Political Debating Center – Is one of the most important organization’s that our country can start putting together – with one in every city and every town in the U.S.A. – So people can become better – wiser – and more educated about how many people feel on topics – The sad fact is – that people don’t hear enough of other people’s feelings and theory’s on topics – many people usually talk to their own type of people – sometimes they talk to other people that have entirely different ways of looking at things – but usually people talk to their own type and with friends or family – many people don’t realize how biased or prejudice or lacking in real education they are – because the people they talk to keep justifying they are right – with good sounding justifications – so the naive keep believing their family or friends or the other people they are involved with – and this uneducated routine is not the best American educated way of looking at things.

    How can those types of people learn what they need to about the real truths they have not been taught – so they can speak up for people – look at topics about different types of people and be really more fully educated about those topics and those types of people and how they feel in depth on issues.

    We need to produce wise men and women – not just accept ridiculously uneducated people – and to not help them by educating them is wrong.

    The public political debating centers should be a fairly big space with many tables for people to debate – to teach and learn from each other – many people have important feelings and thoughts on political topics – but let’s face it – there really aren’t any really good public political debating places – we need them – so people can become really more intelligent and informative – how are people supposed to speak up for topics or people enough – properly – if they don’t know enough about other peoples really good theory’s and feelings on issues.

    The best thing about a public political debating center – is that people go there when they are in the mood to teach and learn and debate – because not everyone is in the mood just because you bring up a topic to them – some of them are not in the mood – tired – or aren’t in the mood to debate or are even negative – in the public political debating center’s – people go there because their in the mood – and there’s no better time to teach or learn or debate – when everyone there is aggressively in the mood – the best way to educate each other.

    To many people are really stupid on many topics and angles of reality- let’s help develop the best intellects and get rid of so much stupidity – by creating the public political debating centers . That would be a great help towards a better more intelligent society and country, and I have talked to many people about having public political debating centers and most of them think it’s a great idea and educational.

    Iv analyzed society so much in so many ways in order to help understand where we can help change society ( for the better ) and public political debating center’s – is one of the best ideas I have come up with – and the best way that I can think of – that can really help develop the best intellects in order to have better intellects understand everything better and vote on things better & help debate and fix problems better, we can only attain the best country and best world in the future – only if we develop better thinkers and better and wiser intellects.

    And we must do this progressive action quickly and efficiently – yes – because of all of the problems and mistakes people have caused throughout history that plague us still today and give so many people problems, and better intellects can help – idiot intellects only stop good progress and hinder progress and cause more problems.

    And we have millions of idiot intellects because they are segregated so to say and a lot of them talk to family and friends and colleagues but hardly ever talk to other types of people so they never learn better facts & theory’s and realities, it’s like reading the same books over and over and analyze those books over and over – but let’s face it – they need to learn from other books and become wiser and become the best intellects from it – there really is no other better way, or do you have the better solution ?

    And these debating centers need a written set of rules – don’t argue to loud or to angry and don’t curse or start fights – we don’t mind a heated debate – but it must be done very respectfully – heated debates are inevitable – but we want people to learn how to debate topics as best as we all should
    for intellectual progress – and not so it turns into fights –
    the crude uneducated neanderthal way – ruins progress – People will learn to debate and properly interact better at debating centers.

    We need to help develop the best intellects to develop the best country and best world with public political debating centers – one in each town – each city – each state – ——- all across America———————————–and the world if too.

    This is one of the best answers in the many answers (solutions) in fixing the U.S.A.
    Help start the debating centers – quickly and efficiently – we really need to create the best intellects

    If you like this idea and want to know more about how and why to make this organization, call me CHARLES TULLIS 203 785-0494

    Here’s another thing I wrote concerning wars











    please publish this ct

  • To help stop hate crimes
    As for all of the hate and prejudice crimes – why don’t we make up a totally fantastic
    education about why it’s not good to be prejudice and how prejudice has hurt and killed
    so many good and innocent people throughout history amd still does – and all of the
    moral and ethical wisdom’s and realities and stories about being better intellects
    without prejudice – we need to educate our society against prejudice – on radio – internet
    – schools – and television 24/7 – because it is a serious problem that can only get worse and it
    needs to be educated against – or the perpetual education in the world and the streets
    that teach people wrongfully to be prejudice will win – lets face it – we need gung ho
    education to stop this diseasese ( prejudice ). And hoping and praying isnt the best way
    to fix this problem , Education is the only way – and the best way ,
    and god helps those that help themselves – make the people running things realise and put a
    giant effort into fixing this horrable problem. We can beat this problem but if we do nothing
    it only gets worse? please publish this

  • Poor people who because of unfortunate circumstances and sometimes making mistakes and being irrisponsable – loose their apartment or place to stay and have no where to go.

    We – as Americans should have the understanding of how hard life is and how hard it is to keep up with bills and jobs and all of the other responsabilities in order to keep our lives going good, It’s hard for people – life is hard – and there are so many situations that people have in their lives that make it too hard and even impossible to pay the rent or pay other bills and buy all of the important nessesaties that we sometimes take for granted – because we always have them – and the fact that everything is getting so expensive for everyone to get all of the things they need week to week – is getting insane – it’s not like it was in the old days where if you had a pretty good job – you could pay rent – pay other bills – get food and other necessaties and have some money left in your pocket – it’s not that way anymore – and besides the fact that even in the old days too many people were not treated good enough and did not have good jobs that would pay all of the bills – it was insanely hard way back then for way to many people to survive and be healthy and happy and feel happy and free – but instead of things evolving to be really fair and just and everyone got paid a decent wage – things got worse for the majority of people – needlessly got worse and stupidly didnt get better, to many people find it hard to pay rent get food and other necessaties each month – to many people have to work two jobs to pay the bills and sometimes three jobs – thats insane – people are not getting paid enough – they also dont have dental or medical – We need to fix the way people see reality in america and fix these problems – matter of fact we need to teach the professionals and government and ruling class how to look at reality better – so they can run things better and fix things that are run badly so people can be free in america and not traumatized or injusticed which is what way to many people have going on in their life – America should be run better and it can be done, but we have to find the best ways in order to make it happen – if we dont help change things in better more progressive ways – society isnt going to change by magic on its own.

    Now lets get back to the poor people who have problems and lost their place to live – they dont want to go to shelters – or live in a pup tent or on the streets, we know how hard it is in many ways for people – and how come things werent figured out better to run things better and help the poor but why havent we developed affordable housing yet, I think theirs to many greedy people who dont know enough about the hells of poverty and were not taught to be the best American enough to have enough compassion or education to help the poor people who have no place to live etc, I was thinking why dont we make small mini rooms to put a homeless person in (imediatelly) if they have no place to live – it would be the most compassionate thing to do – we would like if it were given to us – to help us – to start out with – if we didnt have a place to live, I was thinking of many mini rooms – each one having enough room for a bed, a closet, room under the bed to put things and a small table for a radio or tv or something else and to write on – a very small but funktional space so someone could call their own – a place of refuge to contemplate how they want to make their life better and to rest or sleep, also a share shower and bathroom and kitchen and laundry room for all to use, with a set of rules to keep everything clean and dont leave a mess and a well trained security guard to make sure things are run nice and people dont wrongfully start arguments or fights – and a few social worker people there every day to help them with jobs and health and mental problems and legal advice and other problems, it can be done – it should be done – it should have been done already???? And the way things are now is really disrespectful and abusive in many ways that burden and traumatize the already burdened and traumatized poor people without a place to live, and most people do not want to go to the traumatizing shelters – we must learn how the people feel ( respectfully ) and run things better to treat them better, its too much hell in the streets and on the bottom struggling.
    Learn to be better intellects and run things better – be intelligently responsible with a heart.
    please publish – with my permission c. Tullis thank you have a great day

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